Full Name Wootchy Edouard
Birthday 4/23/2007
Gender Male
Location Jérémie, Haiti

Wootchy and his sister live at the Hopestart Children's Home in Jérémie, Haiti with other children ranging in age from just several months old to teenagers. He is one of the children who need a sponsor for the Hopestart Children's Home to operate.

For reasons that are not clear, Wootchy's mother gave him to another woman to care for him, and she disappeared. The caretake eventually kicked him out and he ended up living on the street. Someone who knew about Wootchy's situation brought him to the Hopestart Children's Home. Once we understood Wootchy's hopeless situation, we decided to take him in. Wootchy nows goes to school and is trying to make up for lost time. 

Wootchy loves to play soccer, especially as the goalie.  He also likes to draw, sing, and tell stories.  He is in good health.