Full Name Rose Merline Duvil
Birthday 6/24/2005
Gender Female
Location Jérémie, Haiti

Rose Merline and her sister live at the Hopestart Children's Home in Jérémie, Haiti with other children ranging in age from just several months old to teenagers. She is one of the children who need a sponsor for the Hopestart Children's Home to operate.

Rose Merline was living with her mother when her mother became very sick. When it became clear that she would not survive her illness and was no longer able to care for her daughter, she brought Rose Merline to the Hopestart Children's Home which welcomed her with open arms.

Rose Merline is now attends school regularly and is making good progress with reading and writing. She is generally quiet and content.  She likes to play with the other children and also to watch people.  She is in good health.