Full Name Pepe
Birthday 9/30/2002
Gender Male
Location Jérémie, Haiti

Pepe lives at the Hopestart Children's Home in Jérémie, Haiti with other children ranging in age from just several months old to teenagers. He is one of the children who need a sponsor for the Hopestart Children's Home to operate.

Pepe’s parents both died in one of the cholera epidemics that often plague rural areas of Haiti. For a while, Pepe lived on the streets of Jeremie. He never had the chance to go to school; instead he spent his days trying to survive.  Eventually, he managed to get himself off the streets at night, sleeping in a nightclub.  He came to the attention of the Director of Social Affairs who was able to connect him with the Hopestart Children's Home.

Pepe loves to play soccer and build cars, showing great resourcefulness in using parts from broken toys.  He also likes to lead the daily prayers and devotions at the orphanage.  He is in good health.