Full Name Milan
Birthday 04/28/12
Gender Female
Location Jérémie, Haiti

Milan has recently moved into the Children's Home and is full of life and joy. She is active, plays with her brothers and sisters and loves to jump around. She smiles often and is healthier than ever before. She needs a sponsor to help her thrive at the Children's Home.

Milan was found abandoned at the hospital in Jérémie during a visit in December 2013. She was severely malnourished and close to death. The family had left her there and was not planning to return. A staff member of Hopestart was visiting the hospital and found Milan; immediately provisions began for her medical and physical care. After 6 weeks in the hospital Hopestart was able to take her home. At Hopestart International she is now an active child and very loved. Your sponsorship will help greatly with her development and growth.