Full Name Louis Edison Michel
Birthday 11/28/2002
Gender Male
Location Jérémie, Haiti

Louis Edison lives at the Hopestart Children's Home in Jérémie, Haiti. He is one of the children who need a sponsor for the Hopestart Children's Home to operate.

Edison’s father died during a cholera outbreak when he was very young.  Soon after, his mother left him with an aunt and went to the capital city of Port-au-Prince.  She never came back and was never heard from again.  Ultimately, Edison’s aunt who could hardly feed her own family decided she couldn’t take care of him long-term and went to an orphanage near her home to see if they would take him.  That orphanage had no space available, but fortunately for Edison, they contacted Hopestart Children's Home, which welcomed him with open arms. 

Edison loves to make cars and boats using whatever materials are at hand.  He is in good health.