Full Name Abdias Cupidon
Birthday 10/21/2004
Gender Male
Location Jérémie, Haiti

Abdias lives at the Hopestart Children's Home in Jérémie, Haiti with other children ranging in age from just several months old to teenagers. He is one of the children who needs a sponsor for the Hopestart Children's Home to operate.

Abdias is the fifth of seven children.  After his father died, his mother was too poor to care for all seven children and was forced to give them to an orphanage.  She initially went to a different orphanage in the city.  Since they had no space available, they referred Abdias’ mother to Hopestart Children's Home, who welcomed him with open arms.

Abdias shows talent as both a potential engineer and a lawyer.  He likes to create and build things with sticks and stones like an engineer, and he also gets involved in trying to mediate disagreements between the other kids, like a lawyer.  He is in good health.